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Level Up Your Game & 
Get Trained By The Nations Leading, First Brand Neutral Professional Spray Tan Training & Certification Program

Est. 2009

You are in the right place if you are serious about starting your luxury sunless business.

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We hear that you're serious about wanting to start your sunless business. Proper training is the way to success with a reputable trainer.

The spray tan industry is a billion-dollar industry but not all sunless trainings are created equal. The Sunless industry is becoming saturated with untrained spray tan artists who say they offer training but have no website (a .com) about their trainings, and those who charge a hefty price for a few hours. A legit trainer will have a website with reviews and social media, not just social media.

Be careful because many trainers charge a high price (you should not be paying more than $800 for any in-person training for JUST knowledge or more than $1160 for training & equipment/supplies), teach a class in 2 hours (Fact: 2 even 4 hours won't cover much in a class, that's cookie-cutter course there), or teach a 2-day course at a high cost (Fact: you can gain the knowledge about spray tanning in a 1-day class), and many promise you so much and on-going support but don't deliver. Your big-name companies don't even charge that much.

Spray Tan Academy is the premier training program and most recognized, reputable, and trusted in the nation with students flying in from across the country to train with celebrity spray tan artist Taryn Luquin. With over a decade of experience in the sunless industry, Taryn has helped thousands of students to level up, start a profitable business, grow it and become successful in their business and life. We are the first brand-neutral sunless educators in the industry who train worldwide and have helped others become the best fully-trained luxury spray tan artists in the country which is our priority.

What sets Spray Tan Academy apart from others is our integrity, years of experience in the industry (over a decade), our affordable pricing, (we believe top education should be affordable to all), and are backed by top brands in the industry. We want you to grow and be successful just like us. 

Get trained by the nations leading sunless education program & start your luxury spray tanning business now or expand your existing business/salon by adding a new service. Level Up Girl!

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