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With spray tanning being the beauty industry's biggest trend, the sunless industry is a

billion dollar industry but not all sunless training's are equal. Many spray tan trainers and training

classes are popping up everywhere who teach you about their brand only, or who are quite new to

the industry, or charge a high price, or teach more than a day course at a high cost (Fact: you can

learn everything about spray tanning in a day), and many promise you on-going support but don't deliver. 

What sets us apart from others is our integrity, years of experience in the industry (over a decade),

our affordable pricing (we have compassion for students and are the most affordable training &

certification academy because we believe top education should be affordable to all), and we are the

first brand-neutral & unbiased training academy that is backed up by top brands. We offer training

courses that are Private one-on-one, In-person or Skype (Skype courses are live not recorded), or

Small Group Classes, on-going support, and we train you to be a top notch spray tan artist as well

as a business owner. We want you to grow and be successful just like us. 

Why choose Spray Tan Academy

For one, we are the first and top brand neutral & unbiased sunless educators in the industry who train internationally. When it comes to choosing a spray tan training & certification program, you have many choices when you do your research on which one to choose therefore, call the company and talk to them and ask questions, check our their testimonials on their website, check to see how long the company has been in business for and how long they have been training for. However, what makes the Spray Tanning Academy so different from the rest is that we are honest, the most affordable, and detailed & in-depth with our training program in the industry. Perfecting the Art of Spray Tanning is very important because spray tanning is indeed an art; one can not just go buy equipment and solution like many do and start tanning clients because there is so much information one needs to know. We train you about the business side as well, how to go about getting your insurance, business license, business operations. Our pet peeve is price gauging. Now we strongly believe that continuous education is huge and one should invest in their business but great education does not have to be expensive. At the Spray Tan Academy, we train and certify you to be a master spray tan professional and make sure you have everything you need for your business to set up, manage and run.

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