Spray Tan Academy is the leading training & certification academy in the industry that offers Beginners

Spray Tanning & Beginners Body Contour, Advance Body Contour, and Fitness Competition Tanning. We have

been told that our courses are very detailed and in-depth compared to other online and in person courses out on the

market and that we give a lot of value. We have professionally trained

thousands of women worldwide since 2009 to start their business,

grow, become confident, and succeed. All our students receive

free on-going support and discounts to many great products.

Spray Tan Academy is brand-neutral and believe that students 

should have options so they can choose what works best for them

and their clients therefore, we work with a variety of top distributors

& brands in the industry to give spray tan artists the very best.

Having good equipment is very important in a business therefore, we

offer top equipment that you can rely on from great brands on the market.

We made sure that the equipment we offer is easy to use, easy to clean,

and maintain. Also, the equipment we offer sprays like an ultra fine mist

where there is very little over spray and can handle any brand solution.


We are brand-neutral and educate our students on the top brands on
the market but also offer our retail products and sunless solution

Paradise Bronze, Paradise Martini, Miami Obsession, and a few others.

Our solutions are not a rebrand, we worked with a top chemist to make

sure our solutions were formulated to work with all skin



From adding spray tanning to your existing services or

starting your own spray tanning business whether it's

mobile or in a salon, we know this industry & business

well and want you to succeed. Learn how to spray tan

and start your business from a trusted industry leader.

* We provide our students with the best hands-on spray

tan training available which includes an in-depth review

of a flawless technique, work with different body types,

learn the science behind the skin, review the latest

equipment and top spray tan solution brands on the

market, and much more. Students will have models to

practice on.

* We believe students should have options. They can purchase spray tan solution and equipment through us along with their training or we can recommend where to purchase other top brands of solution and equipment with the top distributors we work with. We are brand neutral in this industry.

* We offer a detailed set of sales and marketing tools, resources and strategies to help our students reach their goal of owning their very own spray tanning business, quickly and easily and most important to succeed. In order to be 

profitable, you gotta learn the business marketing side. 

* We offer free ongoing support after the training is completed to make sure our students will be successful in their business. But remember, you gotta put in the work. The work you put in is what you get out of it. 

As a result of our training program, all of our students have been certified and felt confident in their spray tanning business. Unlike our competitors who certify students right after class, we are the only spray tan training & certification program that does not do that and here's why. When a student gets a certification right after class, it doesn't mean that they are ready to tan a paying client. We want students to prove to us that they are ready, confident, and capable of tanning a paying client by proving to us that they are ready by tanning a few more models (3 - 4 and without us being there) before getting their certificate and they have up to 4 months to do this. By this way of certifying students, we can make sure our students are on the road to a great start of their business.

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