The Benefits Of Mobile Tanning


You won’t have to lease out a space or pay any rent, which means you will be able to cut your monthly expenses significantly. And we are talking big money here since rents range anywhere from $800 to even $3500 a month, or even higher. Of course, you will be spending some money on fuel, but that number is much lower.

More Customers

Since most clients are too busy to go to a salon, the convenience of you coming to their door will get you a lot of customers in no time. Remember though, you can only do so many in a day.

Office Hours

You will be your own boss, have control of your work hours and be able to organize your day as you wish.

You Set Your Own Prices

Since almost all types of mobile door-to-door services are considered to be luxury, you will be able to set your prices accordingly, regardless of the fact that you are just starting out. With that said, you can set your mobile appointment sessions at a rate of $65 and go up (or slightly down) depending on the region but make it affordable so everyone can afford it.

Word of Mouth

Once you get your business going and you snatch a reasonable number of clients, your mobile spray tanning company won’t even need a marketing strategy as you will get phone calls from the friends and family members of your regular customers who recommended you as they are satisfied with your work. Not to mention the increasingly popular “girls night in” and bridal parties where you will probably end up servicing numerous clients during one session, and these ladies are likely to become your regulars as well.

What Will Your Monthly Profit Be?

Since we are talking about the average cost of spray tan sessions, and we must take into consideration the cost of spray tanning equipment, fuel, the number of your customers, etc. We can only give you a hint of what your estimated average monthly income would be according to how many customers you have.

If your mobile tans costs $60, the chart may look something like this:

NOTE: This is without the money you will be spending on fuel, but also without group sessions, bridal parties, and similar tanning sessions during which you may even earn several hundred dollars during only one appointment!

So, now that you have some ballpark about what your profit might look like.

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