Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine

Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine


The Aura Allure Sprayer Includes:

  • Salon or Mobile use – 25+ uses daily/150 weekly
  • Light weight Mobile design, small footprint, with high gloss finish (4 lbs)
  • 75 DB sound level, Single stage HVLP Turbine Unit
  • 1 High Speed Blow Dry Handle Attachment
  • Allure Spray Gun with Satin Nozzle Technology

  • Flexible 11.5 foot hose

  • 2 Extra Cups w/Lids

  • Spare Parts Kit (Turbine Filter, Cup Gasket, Solution Pick Up Tube)

  • Detailed System manual


Allure Key Benefits:

  • Smooth spray feeling on the skin with perfect coverage on the body.

  • Very low overspray so minimal solution wastage.

  • Maximum + and Minimum – flow dial control. The amount of solution on the body can also be controlled by the distance you spray from. Further away, less solution will reach the body and + will be required. And vice versa. The dial gives you more control when spraying, you choose the volume best for your style of spraying.

  • Quiet turbine allows conversation whilst spraying, making the experience more sociable.

  • Sleek appearance will add a sophisticated touch to the ambience of your salon.

  • Easy to store away due to its compact styling, and the cable management feature prevents any accidents.

  • Spillages are avoided with the dockable gun and the sturdy non-leak solution cup designed to stand upright even with the hose attached to the gun.

  • All solution is lifted from the cup as the toothed pick up tube and concave cup allows for no solution to be left behind.

  • Long hose enables increased manoeuvrability and the easy connections save on time. Twist lock hose connection to gun prevents ‘blow off’ during spraying.

  • Motor unit ON/Off is a grooved dial, kinder to nails and easier to grip.

  • Gold Filtration duct which collects any overspray and directs to the filter discreetly hidden underneath the unit


Allure Sprayer Features:

  • Satin Spray Nozzle Technology: Finest atomization for perfect coverage, a smooth feeling on the skin and low overspray.

  • Fine & Precise Flow Control: The solution dial has been esepcially designed for the tanning market and gives 0-2fl oz of solution control.

  • Sylized Salon Design: Gloss black surfaces and metallic finishes give this machine a lavish feel of glamour, class and luxury.

  • Whisper Quiet Turbine: Less noise allows more flexibility for salons, spa’s & training schools. You can now listen to your customers and students.

  • Lightweight Turbine with Cable Management: Compact, feminine and easy to store away, with a practical, first to the market cable management feature.

  • Retractable Carry Handle: Unique hidden handle sits neatly within the design of the turbine and draws up to aid in storing and moving the machine. Customise with branding available.

  • Gun Holder: Machine can be moved with the gun docked. No spillages, no need for extra hands. All in one storage solution.

  • Long Flexi Hose: 1.5ft Durable, extra soft, extra flex hose for increased manuverability. Twist & lock connection at gun.

  • Ingenious Filtration System: Overspray is channeled behind the side panel and directed into the filter hidden underneath the unit.


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