For Contouring You Will Learn & Get:

- One on One Training 

- Hands-on Training with Different Body Types 

- Learning The Muscle Groups

- Contouring Application & Proper Technique

- Areas to Contour

- What DHA % To Use

- How To Use Your Gun For Contouring

- Proper Blending Technique

- How To Fix Mistakes

- Training Manual

- Sample Products

- Certificate of Completion (Digital & Physical)

- Digital Certificate Logo

- Access To Exclusive Facebook Group

- On-Going Support

- Continuous Discounts From Top Distributors

- Continuous Discounts on Solution, Retail

  Products & Equipment​​​​​​

Perfecting The Art of Spray Tanning

Beginners Certification Course

SKYPE: $400


Just like our in person hands-on beginners course, our Skype training is an in depth one-on-one training via Skype and is also a hands on training course designed to master the skill and business of airbrush spray tanning. Unlike regular online courses where you are watching videos, Skype allows you to be face to face in real time with the trainer. You will learn how to use an HVLP spray gun, solution levels (DHA%), skin tone analysis, the business side such as marketing, and much more. You will receive a your certification from our highly trained Master Trainer.

You will also learn:

-  Introduction to the skin
-  The Best Equipment on the market & Maintenance of your equipment.

-  Our Sunless Solution and other top brands on the market.

-   Science of DHA and Sunless Tanning

-  Client Consultation

-  Step-By-Step Application Guidelines & our 360 Technique of how to deliver a perfect tan with live models. 

-   Applying the spray tan such as speed, spraying distance, spray tan positions, valve control, etc.

-   Basic Body Contouring for you everyday average client of different shapes & sizes. (great for an add on           


-  Working with all body and skin types.

-  Growing your client base

-  Customer service

-  Steps to setting up your business

-  Marketing tools

-  Advertising your business

-  Your target market/audience

-   Networking 


Paying Attention to Detail:

- Under Breast
- Under Buttocks
- Receding Hair Line, Baldness
- Wrinkles in knees and elbows
- Hair, Nails, Shaving, Waxing, Lotion, Deodorant
- Uneven vs. even skin tones
- What Your Spray Tan Customers Really Want


Special Events:

- Tanning Parties
- Weddings
- Ballroom & Dance, Cheer, Pageants
- Bikini Model
- Photo shoots
- Tips To Help Maintain The Perfect Sunless Tan
- Marketing Must-Haves, Licensing, Certification, DBA


What You Will Get:

* Complete Training Manual

* Hands-On Training with Taryn Luquin

* Hands-On Training with different body types

* Reviewing different skin types & receive a Skin Type Graph

* Review on top brands of solutions/equipment

* Legal Forms - Waivers for clients
* Skype training demonstration (If doing Skype)
* Printed & Digital Certificate of Completion
* Perfecting The Art of Spray Tanning DVD on step by step how to tan
* On-going support, Q&A if you may have any

* Entry to private Facebook group
* Marketing & Sales Assistance
* Discounts on Advance Courses
* Discounts on solutions & equipment

* Swag bag with sunless goodies from top brands ($120+ value)

Perfecting The Art of Fitness Competition

Advanced Fitness Competition Certification Skype Course: $350

You've mastered custom spray tanning but want to go further in your career. Take our competition spray tanning course which is a whole other level in the tanning world. You have to know exactly what you are doing because a bad tan can hurt a fitness competitors placing. You have to know what product is the best and how it comes out on a competitor. You also need to know how the stage lighting is, is the fitness competition indoors or outdoors, etc. Spraying fitness competitors with regular tanning solution is a HUGE NO and we have seen many companies do that. Regular tanning solution and competition tanning solution are two different solutions. Let the Gurus of competition tanning show you the right way. We know this business well because we compete in fitness shows ourselves and are sponsored tanners for many federations.

For Competition You Will

         Learn & Get:

- Working With Different Class Categories

- Different Competition Solutions

- The Skin

- Skin Prep & After Care

- Muscle Definition

- Mini Contouring

- Touch-Ups vs. Spot Touch Ups

- Glazing

- How To Fix Mistakes

- What Competitors Need

- On Going Support

- Certificate of Completion

- Access to our exclusive Facebook group for students

- 4 oz bottle of competition tanning solution




Perfecting The Art of Contouring

Advanced Contouring Certification

Skype Course: $350


You've mastered basic custom spray tanning but want to go further in your career. Take our advanced  contouring spray tanning course which is starting to break out in the tanning world. More and more clients are asking or it because they want to look more toned or have a photo shoot. For body contouring, you must know the muscle groups in order to know where to contour on your client.


This course is one-on-one. Let the Gurus of body contouring show you the proper way. 











How To Create A Skype Account!

1.) Go to (Video below)

2.) Click the 'Sign In' and then click 'Sign Up' and create your account (if you don't have one.)

3.)  After you are done, sign in and you are on your way. 

4.) Contact your trainer at to book the day and time you want to train and your Skype name/email.

If You Have A Skype Account!

1.) Go to

2.) Click the 'Sign In' and then click 'My Account' and log in.

3.) Contact your trainer at to book the day and time you want to train and your Skype name/email. Our training days are Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

After purchasing your class, please email to book your training date.

After purchasing your class, please email to book your training date.

After purchasing your class, please email to book your training date.


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