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Spray Tan Kits come with or without training.

Perfecting The Art of Spray Tanning

Certification Course:

Skype: $550. Bring an employee for $450 per person



Just like our in-person one-on-one, hands-on all-in-one course, our Skype training is an in-depth one-on-one virtual training and is also a hands-on training course designed to master the skill and business of spray tanning. Unlike regular online courses where you are watching videos, Skype (like Zoom) allows you to be face to face in real-time with the trainer. You will learn how to use an HVLP spray gun, different solution levels (DHA%), skin tone analysis, the business side such as marketing, and much more. You will receive your certification from our highly trained Master Trainer.


Training Duration: 5 - 6 hours and starts at 10 am your time.

Next available training dates......February 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26.

You will learn:

-  Best Equipment, Maintenance & Cleaning Of Your Equipment

-  Top Sunless Solution Brands We Recommend

-  The True Science of DHA & Development on the skin.

-  Skin Education, Conditions, Reactions, Allergies

-  Knowing the Fitzpatrick Scale

-  Color Theory & Sunless Solution Colors

-  FDA Recommendations & Protection

-  Client Consultation

-  Client Skin Prep & Maintenance

-  Step-By-Step Application Guideline with our 360 Technique

-  Spraying distance, speed, and proper spray tan positions 

-  Mini Body Contouring (great add on service)

-  Finishing Powder Application  

-  Avoiding mistakes, how to fix mistakes

-  Hands-on training with different body types & skin types

-  How to prevent Uneven Fading, Streaking, Alligator Skin

-  Customer service

-  Steps to setting up your business, branding. Mobile, Salon

-  Marketing tools, pricing your services

-  Advertising your business

-  Business Banking

-  Legal Forms, Insurance, Business Policies 

-  Your target audience

-  Networking 

-  Retail


Paying Attention to Detail:

-  Spraying Under Breast
-  Spraying Under Buttocks

-  Spraying Hands & Feet
-  Receding Hair Line, Baldness
-  Wrinkles in knees and elbows
-  Hair, Nails, Shaving, Waxing, Lotion, Deodorant
-  Uneven vs. even skin tones
-  What Your Spray Tan Customers Really Want


Tanning for Special Events:

- Tanning Parties
- Weddings
- Ballroom & Dance, Cheer, Pageants
- Photoshoots


What You Will Get:

* In-depth Training Manual

* Hands-On Training with Taryn Luquin

* Hands-On Training with different body types

* Legal Forms - Waivers for clients
* Skype training demonstration (If doing Skype)
* Certificate of Completion
* Perfecting The Art of Spray Tanning video on step-by-step how to tan
* On-going support at no extra charge until you don't need us.

* Q&A if you may have any

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