Be Your Own Girl Boss With Our Certification Program & Business Opportunities

Whether you are an entrepreneur wanting to start your own mobile spray tanning business or an existing salon who would like to offer spray tanning to your list of services, this is a training course + certification program just for you. The Spray Tan Academy makes it very affordable, easy to learn, and students get a great value. 

Our students are taught and certified by the spray tan guru Taryn Luquin herself. The training is taught at the students home, at spas, salons, the student can come to our location in Huntington Beach or San Clemente California on Friday & Saturdays, or Costa Mesa California on Sundays, and there is also Skype training for our students who are out of state or country. We offer two levels of certification, the Beginners Spray Tanning Course and Advance Competition & Contouring Course.

  • Very little start up cost

  • Easy to learn

  • Great profit potential

  • In-depth training

  • On going support

  • We offer the best products & equipment

  • Students receive continuous discounts by top distributors.

The spray tan industry is growing quickly, but how good is the spray tan artist applying the spray tan application on the client, were they trained properly or trained at all? That is where we show you the proper way of airbrush spray tanning without the hefty price (We hate price gauging). With over 11 years in business, we know the industry better than anyone and are here to help you learn spray tanning, to grow, and to succeed. With public health concerns on the rise with tanning beds and skin cancer, the airbrush spray tan industry is presently experiencing a great growth and we want to make sure individuals are trained the proper way in order to succeed.

We’ve helped many students across the U.S. to become successful spray tanning entrepreneurs in a growing industry that requires little investment.

Words From The Wise........

"I feel there are many spray tanning academy's/trainings out there that charge a ridiculous price for a 6 hour, 10 hour, sometimes a 2 day course at $950 and up. But what exactly are they teaching you? Are they teaching you unnecessary things? Many times they are charging you a ridiculous price just for the knowledge. Training without equipment should be no more than $700 and $950 tops with equipment. There is no need to spend so much money to learn custom spray tanning. We get students who purchased equipment elsewhere before training with us. When they ask to see our equipment, they like that our equipment is not heavy, the gun sprays nicely, and that our equipment is reliable and durable. Those are the facts with our equipment and they happen to be the best on the market.


If someone wants to know how I got to where I am today, I will tell them. In this industry one can make a very nice profit, one can make 6 figures but they have to show up and put in the work. I pride myself on being the best airbrush spray tan company and trainer out there and I set myself apart from the rest of the competition by delivering top-notch service and my business marketing background. Airbrush spray tanning is an art and has a certain technique for it. Many companies think that airbrush spray tanning is easy but it's much more than that and are the others companies teaching you the proper spraying technique? Skin Types? Body Types? With my 24 years of experience in airbrush arts and taking airbrush art classes in the past, I am here to give back and educate others the proper way."

           xoxo Taryn


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